Saturday, May 14, 2016

DAY 1 - In Beautiful Iceland

Hi Everyone!

My name is Matt Sullivan and I am a third year Zoology Major and Animal & Veterinary Sciences Minor at the University of Maine. Fellow student Carissa Leeper and myself are spending the next 3 weeks in Iceland with a wonderful family near the city of Búðardalur  Iceland! After 12 hours of travel from Maine we arrived at this wonderful farm at 3AM yesterday.

The farm is called "Ásgarður" and is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Waking up to brisk air and snow covered mountains all around was amazing this morning. I had a wonderful meal with the Bjarnason's of fish covered in lamb fat, rice pudding, salad, bread and cheese, and tea. The food was amazing and I am excited to try a lot of new meals! We started off with a tour of the farm and started moving ewes with their lambs from one area to another barn. Then we lead the family's rams to pasture and got to meet the family's free-range horses.

We covered the night shift with the ewes in the barn and learned how to pull out lambs, and take care of them after lambing.

This is a short blog post before I go to bed, but my future ones I will go into detail about our duties, what happens each day, and the specifics of the Bjarnason's sheep business!

Here are some pictures with some better quality ones to come in the future!


  1. Will be very interested in hearing of your experiences with their horses, Matt! Nonni

  2. Matt and Carissa - Happy to hear that you made it there ok. Have a blast!