Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Day 10/11 Slow

The passed two days have been our slowest at Hestur Farm yet. The remaining 86 ewes are taking their sweet time popping out their lambs.  We've been passing the time cleaning, snuggling with lambs, attempting to learn some Icelandic (with little success) and challenging Helgi to pull up competitions (also with little success).

Yesterday we were treated with the opportunity to drive a trailer full of ewes and their lambs to the mountains where they will be spending the summer. This low-key 10 minute drive down the road was super exciting for us as we had not left the farm for 10 days. To be honest I was giddy. The ewes and their lambs were turned out on land that once was a small sheep farm many decades ago. After releasing the sheep we spent time exploring the abandoned barn that was full of old farming equipment dating back to the 1940's (which also made me giddy). It was refreshing to take in the change of scenery which was breathtaking. But an even more breathtaking view was waiting for us back at Hestur; EMPTY PENS!!!!!!!!! Lambing season is almost complete!
Sheep barn ruins 

The most beautiful view I've seen in Iceland yet!

Summer turn out 

Grace and Jess exploring 

Today we continued to do our normal chores and delivered lambs here and there. We also have been planning our trip to Reykjavik this Friday (our first day off!). Students from last year send us recommendations for stuff to do and see! So far we plan on going to the Icelandic Phallological Museum, Reykjavik Botanical Garden, and Old Harbour.

The latest photo of Steve because he is too handsome

Good night! 

A sheep farmer's most valued tool during lambing season the almighty lube. Cue the harps. 

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