Monday, May 22, 2017

Days 14 and 15: Aaaaadventure Tiiime

Day 14

Hey guys! As it has begun slowing down with lambing, things have started changing around the barn, and our focus has shifted from pulling lambs out to putting them out to pasture and cleaning up after them.

Moving the sheep out to pasture requires a number of steps. Ewes and their lambs are moved from individual pens to slightly larger pens which hold two ewes and their lambs. The sheep are moved into successively larger pens until large groups are let out onto the pastures near the house or up in the mountains.

Snaedis' mom moving a ewe and her lambs into a pen with another ewe.

Snaedis' dad encouraging nervous lambs to leave the trailer and find their moms.

As I mentioned before, we have also begun cleaning empty pens. This involves a lot of of scrubbing and sweeping (*coughDANAcoughcough*) and power washing which is extremely satisfying and VERY messy. Grace and I took turns getting "shit-faced" as we power washed the poo covered pens.

Me after a round of power washing.

Grace looking super cool while demonstrating proper PPE and wielding the power washer.

Despite the cleaning we've been doing we're also getting some time for fun now. We explored nearby waterfalls and played with bouncing baby goats at a nearby goat and sheep farm.

Dana makin' out with Spock the Kid.

Homemade goat cheeses and sausage.

Grace living dangerously by the waterfalls.

In case you couldn't tell, these are some of the waterfalls.

Day 15

We have begun working in shifts throughout the night so that we can get sleep while the ewes selfishly hold their babies in. This morning Grace did some power washing and I cleaned out hay feeders while Dana slept off the red-eye shift. After we convened for lunch, we did some more exploring, but this time, on horseback.

Snaedis called a nearby riding stable and arranged for us to try our luck (and legs) with the famous Icelandic ponies. Our two hour trail ride took us through the gorgeous rocky countryside, across rivers and streams, and along black-sanded beaches. Our backsides are definitely going to be sore for a while, but it was so worth it.

Grace's first time in an English saddle went really well (She had only ridden western before and was a little nervous).

The entourage riding across flatlands.

Dana and Grace on their sturdy ponies.

My sleepy pony during a grass break.

Until next time! Jess

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