Saturday, May 20, 2017

Day 12/13

Day 12

Yesterday we got our first day off and drove to Reykjavik. The drive itself was an adventure as we braved numerous roundabouts and the quirky car lent to us by Snaedis and Helgi. Not to mention the fact we didn't know what any of the road signs meant!

Our first stop in Reykjavik was the Icelandic Philological Museum. We figured we had seen enough vaginas and life is all about balance. Our visit from from start to finish was full of jokes and fascination (we are animal scientists after all).

Jess and Grace with a specimen from a sperm whale 

Me studying a specimen from a reindeer

Something we spotted in the gift shop and desperately needed

After the museum we headed to Reykjavik Roasters, a cozy coffee shop. There we nursed our caffeine addictions and took in the luxury of sitting down and relaxing. 

We did lots of exploring in the city we stopped in little mom and pop shops, many more coffee houses, the city park, checked out the street art, and ended the night grabbing a few drinks accompanied by live music.
Jess and Grace at a little tea and spice shop

Even in the city the mountains are never out of sight

The Leif Erikson Statue 

All the buildings are painted different colors making Reykjavik a very colorful city.

Day 13

With lambing almost complete and most of the sheep turned out we spend most of our time in the barn cleaning the empty pens. However, we were rewarded with a trip to the local university's dairy and horse barn. We were especially interested in the university's robotic milker. I was overcome with jealously as I watched cows entering the milker without the assistance of people. WE NEED A ROBOT AT WITTER!!!!! Not only did they have a robotic milker they also have a robotic manure scraper or manure Roomba as we called it. 
 The coveted milker

Icelandic cows 

Grace and one of the University's Icelandic horses

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